Solidification is one of the oldest processes for producing complex shapes for applications ranging from art to industry, and remains as one of the most important commercial processes for many materials. Since the 1980s, numerous fundamental developments in the understanding of solidification processes and microstructure formation have come from both analytical theories and the application of computational techniques using commonly available powerful computers. This book integrates these developments in a comprehensive volume that also presents and places them in the context of more classical theories.

This second edition highlights the key concepts within each chapter, presents most of the figures in color, and incorporates recent important developments in the field since the first edition was published.

This text grew out of a one-week short course on solidification, taught every May, since 1992. The course is aimed at practicing engineers, researchers and students, and is continuously updated to include recent advances in the field. The 2020 edition will include a new module on Additive Manufacturing. The teachers include leading educators in the field. Over 900 previous participants, from 38 different countries and 100+ companies, research institutes and universities around the world. For more information and registration, click on the link above.


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