This one-week course held in English is designed for engineers and scientists from industry and research centers who wish to improve their knowledge in the field of solidification. Participants should have a degree in materials science, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, physics or chemistry.

Exercises, discussions, videos and computer demonstrations are organized in order to apply, practice and visualize the content of the lectures. The number of participants is limited to 35-40 to enable interactions between the participants and the eight lecturers.

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    • Lecturers

    • Introduction

    • PhaseDiagrams Phase Diagrams

    • Heat & Mass Transfer

    • Nucleation/Grain Refinement

    • Microsegregation

    • Dendritic Dendritic Growth

    • Eutectics

    • Mushy Zone Modeling

    • Porosity

    • Modeling columnar and

            equiaxed microstructures

    • Hot Tearing

    • Additive Manufacturing

    • Macrosegregation

    • Multi-component Systems

    • Synthesis

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