Installation of PDTOOL v1.2 on Linux machines

Note: This application had been compiled and tested on an Intel machine
running SuSE Linux 10.3.

First download the following two files to a working directory.
Suggestions: ~/PDTOOL or /usr/local/share/PDTOOL

MATLAB graphics libraries (MCRInstaller.bin)
Please note that the MCRInstaller file is about 250Mb, so this may
take a while.

PDTOOL files (

Then open a terminal window and enter the working directory: cd ~/PDTOOL

1. Install PDTOOL: unzip

2. Begin installation of MATLAB libraries:
Type: MCRInstaller.bin at the terminal prompt
It takes a few seconds before the installer screen appears.

3. After the installer window opens:
-- Click "Continue" on the first screen. The "Installation Directory" screen appears.
-- "Browse" for the working directory folder
-- Select the "New Folder" icon on the top row, call it MCR and click "Open"
-- Click "Next"
-- Click "Install" on the next screen -- Click "Finish" when the installation is complete.

5. After the program and library files have been installed (Steps 1 and 2)
Type: ./configure at the terminal prompt.

6. To execute the program, type: PDTOOL

7. The file MCRInstaller.bin can be safely deleted after installation.

8. The executable PDTOOL can be moved or copied to another directory,
such as /usr/local/bin for access from other directories.

Errors, problems, or comments: