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Tensile deformation of a semi-solid Al-8%Cu alloy

This movie, imaged by X-Ray tomography carried out at ESRF Grenoble on the ID19 beamline, shows the evolution during tensile deformation of the microstructure of an Al-8%Cu alloy. During deformation, liquid flow occurs towards the deformed region until pores forms to accommodate the deformation. Pores grow and coalesce leading to cracks across the specimen. (20 Mb)

This movie was obtained by in-situ X-Ray tomography carried out at ESRF Grenoble on the ID19 beamline. For further information and other work by Michel Suery, please send email to:

Tensile deformation of a semi-solid Al-8%Cu alloy:
Experiment and granular modeling

This movie shows the evolution in the semi-solid microstructure during the tensile deformation as observed by X-ray tomography and predicted by a coupled hydro-mechanical granular model. The simulated average liquid pressure drop that occurs during the tensile deformation is also shown along with the failure pressure for better understanding of this behavior. The article that describes the granular model is M. Sistaninia, et al., Acta Materialia, 61:3831-3841 (2013) For a further description of the experiment, please see the movies of Michel Suery. (0.4 Mb)

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