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Formation of pores in Al-30wt%Cu during directional solidification parallel with gravity. Hydrogen gas bubbles are being incorporated into the eutectic. Imposed temerpature gradient of 27 K/mm, and sample velocity of 22.4microns/s. [Reference to original work: L. Arnberg and R. H. Mathiesen, JOM 59, 2007, 20-26; R. H. Mathiesen, et al, Met. Mat. Trans. B33, 2002, 613-623] (4.5 Mb)

These movies, produced by Ragnvald Mathiesen and Lars Arnberg, were obtained by in-situ X-ray video microscopy carried out at the ESRF in Grenoble, France at beam lines ID22 and ID6. For further information, please email to:

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